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*   maladjusted BC/Alberta 2015 Tour
*   Corporations in our Heads Final Report and Video
*   Job Opportunity with Theatre for Living!
*   Theatre for Living in Europe
*   Tune in to see Corporations in our Heads live from Rotterdam!
*   Art Approaches to Community-Based Peacebuilding

maladjusted BC/Alberta 2015 Tour

We’re excited to announce that in response to numerous requests and great audience feedback to maladjusted, we will remount and tour the project January to March 2015!

maladjusted was created and performed by mental health patients and caregivers. The play explores the mechanization of the mental health system, and how stigmatization of mental health issues happens inside the system itself. The audience-interactive production asks questions about how we can create more human-centered care.

The project will be presented in up to 33 communities throughout BC and Alberta and then perform back in Vancouver for 7 final shows.

“maladjusted is brilliant, ground-breaking theatre. The interactive element of the show empowers the audience in a way that other forms of theatre cannot.” Cassandra Freeman

“To all of you, actors and everybody involved, maladjusted was remarkable, eye-opening (along with all other senses).” David Usher, MD, PhD

“The passion and pain and hope for change in maladjusted was palpable and the real issues were held up and examined. There was no feel of a documentary or lecture though, just real emotions, real stories inspired by real people. That’s unique, important and powerful theatre.”
David C. Jones, The Charlebois Post – Canada

If you would like to bring maladjusted to your community (BC/Alberta) get in touch! Please contact Liza Lindgren at<> or call our office at 1.604.871.0508.

Find the project website here<>.

Corporations in our Heads Final Report and Video

The Final Reports from Corporations in our Heads are now available on our website

We would like to share with you a video from the project, created by the talented Dima Alansari.
She joined us for the last two events of the tour and here is the result!

Job Opportunity with Theatre for Living!

Our current Outreach Coordinator Liza Lindgren is taking steps towards going back to school, so we are looking for a new Outreach Coordinator.

We are looking for a self-motivated team player, who is passionate about using the language of theatre to help communities create the kinds of real dialogues that lead to social change.

Find the job posting here:

Theatre for Living in Europe

David has been invited back to Europe for the whole month of February.

On February 6th he will facilitate a Masterclass with 35 participants in Rotterdam, presented by Format .

He will then travel to Berlin for a Theatre for Living (TfL) Level 2 training organized by theater.system

Theatre for Living is officially part of the UNESCO Peace Program Curriculum<> in Innsbruck, Austria. On Feb 23rd David will go back to Innsbruck for a 5 day TfL workshop there.

The last workshop in Europe will take place in Graz. InterACT<> is organizing a “Directing and Joking for Forum Theatre” workshop aimed at Jokers and TO/TfL Practitioners.

Tune in to see Corporations in our Heads live from Rotterdam!

On Mon, Feb 10th, 2014 there will be a live webcast of a Corporations in our Heads event from Rotterdam, hosted by Formaat.

You can follow it through the Internet and participate via the chat box, or simply watch the event:

Find the Facebook event page here.<>

Art Approaches to Community-Based Peacebuilding

From June 23 to 27, 2014, our friends at the Canadian School of Peacebuilding (CSOP) will be offering a workshop taught by instructor Babu Ayindo.

Using storytelling, handwork, image theatre, visual arts, dance, forum theatre and photography, this course will demonstrate the transformative potential of arts-based approaches to peace work. Application deadline is April 1, 2014.

If you would like more info, please check out the CSOP website<> or email the organizers at

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