Theatre for Living – Summer 2019

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Hello friends, colleague and strangers interested in the power of art, authentic dialogue, social change and ways to build understanding in our increasingly polarized world. Yes, Theatre for Living has “devolved” but the yearly training workshops continue! If you know someone who would be interested, please let them know!

People come from all over the world for the annual Theatre for Living summer trainings and the 21st annual are just around the corner

“I attended the Theatre for Living training in Innsbruck. I was very inspired by the level of generosity regarding what David shared with us and by ​his unique way of facilitating which I like calling “loving firmness” – this for me is a reflection of his respect towards people​. The days were structured and yet flexible; he pushed us with patience. I felt heard, seen, safe and respected and left with precious insights to take into my work and life.”  Isabelle Guibert

There are still some spaces available for the level 1, and the level 2, so if you haven’t registered yet, and want to, send me (David) an email at:

In the Theatre for Living trainings, participants explore the language of theatre, and how it can be applied to their own work in communities.  Theatre for Living techniques have been applied to mainstream theatre, personal, community and team development, climate change, reconciliation, anti-racism and violence prevention, education and counselling. This training will be invaluable for anyone who seeks skills and techniques to use theatrical language to explore community dialogue.  Educators, artists, activists, anyone and all ages interested in dialogue and social justice have joined the trainings.

What happens in the workshops?

Level 1: History of Theatre of the Oppressed and the evolution to and philosophies of Theatre for Living.  Group building, safety of the space, Image Theatre (various techniques), Rainbow of Desire, Forum play creation and Joking*. Starting on Day 2 each day begins with objective group discussion of the work so far.
* For those who may not know, “the Joker” is the term used to describe the facilitator, the animator, the director in a Theatre of the Oppressed / Theatre for Living workshop. 

Level 2: Only people who have taken the TfL Level 1 may take the Level 2.  Group building, more in depth play creation and directing, Joking, Cops in the Head, Your Wildest Dream. Participants are invited to facilitate games (with feedback) and Joke/facilitate Forum Theatre and Cops in the Head (with  feedback). Starting on Day 2 each day begins with objective group discussion of the work so far.

“The Theatre for Living Level 1 training workshop was intensely impactful for me.  Most significant was the shift I saw in myself as a facilitator, mostly in terms of: honouring the expertise of the participants, co-creating the container with the group, and letting go of my need to “get to” some point, meaning a shift in debriefing from seeking solutions to insights. I have been facilitating for 12 years, but this is truly the first time that I enjoyed my own process and felt strongly anchored within myself. For this I am deeply grateful.”Vijji Chari

Level 1 ($600 CDN + 5% GST)    July 13 – 18, 2019  – 9AM – 5PM daily
Level 2 ($600 CDN + 5% GST)  July 21 – 26, 2019  – 9AM – 5PM daily

Location: Ukrainian Hall Vancouver (805 E Pender St.)

“Through Theatre for Living, I have found a reality that could inspire my whole life and give it new direction and meaning. I am so amazed at how powerful this medium is in creating a new level of consciousness and opening up human beings to each other to enable them to trust and build bonds that transcend the barriers of class, caste, gender, religion, ethnicity, disability etc.”  Dilreen Kaur

People from all over the world join our annual summer trainings to learn about how they can apply these theatre techniques in their own work and in communities.

For more information about Theatre for Living in general:

Theatre for Living in your community:

If you are interested in have a workshop in your community, please email 

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