Through the Withering Storm – Book Review


Through The Withering Storm

Author  Leif Gregersen

Review by Margo Robinson

 In this book the author describes his preteen and teen years as a gradual descent into a total mental meltdown.

A troubled child living in a troubled home.  His Mother had been hospitalized several times for her mental illness with at times, suicide attempts.

He didn’t get along with his dad, many angry outbursts and rage defined their relationship.

As many of the mentally ill, we are like square pegs trying to fit into a round hole.

Our behaviours often radical and not conforming to societies norms.

Not fitting in, having few if any friends that stuck with him for any length of time, along with the ensuing loneliness, was a catalyst for strange and unacceptable behaviour.

Leif, describes in great detail his school years and early adult life. Many hospitalizations and medications given with advice to keep taking them.

For one reason or another he stops the medications and eventually his perceptions become askew with delusions and hallucinations, resulting in further hospitalizations.

This book may be of some value, a point of identification to the pubescent teen who suffers from loneliness, relationship and behaviour issues. Those living in a dysfunctional home with abuse could relate as well.

The erratic behaviour of a person sliding down that slope, descending into mental deterioration.

It is great to see that eventually, Leif did come through to the other side and has now made a life for himself.  Not only that but helping those around us, the hurting  the helpless and lonely, offering some ray of hope.

Personally, I would have liked to have seen more about how Leif did climb out of the dark place into light. I see that the turning Point came once he accepted the fact he had a mental illness and he needed to take the medicine the rest of his life.  But what then?  What work exactly did he do to get and stay well?

People are not only looking for someone to identify themselves with but also solutions and resources available to help on their journey of recovery.

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