Wanted: Peer Contractor Networking Specialist

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Hi Everyone,

There is a job posting with the Get Set & Connect Program as a Peer Contractor Networking Specialist. The position is part-time and is approximately 5 hrs. or less per week.  Please note, if the successful candidate is currently in Get Set & Connect, their file would be closed. They would be considered as an alumni where they will no longer receive coaching support, but are able to attend new and existing groups.

Please find the job description attached to this e-mail.
Due date to apply is May 30th, 2016. Please send resume to leisure.volunteer@cmha.bc.ca

Only short listed candidates will be contacted.

Get Set & Connect
Leisure & Volunteer Access Coach, Get Set & Connect Program

CMHA Vancouver-Fraser Branch
Canadian Mental Health Association, Vancouver-Fraser
2425 Quebec Street, Suite 110, Vancouver BC  V5T 4L6

Tel: 604-872-4902 ext 223
Fax: 604-872-5934

Position Description

Peer Contractor Networking Specialist –
Get Set & Connect Program

The Peer Contractor position is a therapeutic position designed to build on skills, self confidence, and expand your personal or professional growth. The Get Set & Connect Peer Contractor will have personal experience accessing resources in the Vancouver area and will facilitate a Resource Sharing & Networking Social for Get Set & Connect program participants and community members. The Peer Contractor will be a well-organized individual who exhibits initiative, flexibility, sound judgement and good interpersonal skills. The Peer Contractor will communicate with the Leisure and Volunteer Access Coaches in written and verbal form to provide relevant updates with the goal of community inclusion.

The Get Set & Connect Program is a community based mental health leisure and volunteer program. GSC offers one-to-one coaching, peer-led leisure activities, volunteer preparation and a peer facilitated Resource Sharing & Networking Social group.


The successful candidate will build on personal experience with their own mental health recovery and support others in their recovery journey.

The successful individual:

  1. Has personal experience receiving services within the Vancouver mental health system.
  2. Has completed training programs related to peer support work or has equivalent training and/or experience and has some experience working individual’s mental health concerns and substance use.
  3. Has an understanding of the Principals of Recovery and knowledge regarding recovery programs such as W.R.A.P.
  4. Has the necessary group facilitation skill to guide participants in sharing community resources and knowledge of leisure opportunities in the Vancouver area.
  5. Facilitate conversations that inspire hope and the sharing of practical information and resources.
  6. Will be able to work cooperatively with staff, program participants, community agencies and/or businesses.
  7. Will be able to work with a culturally diverse population.
  8. Will be respectful of other’s diversity and ability.
  9.  Is professional, empathetic, patient and supportive.

If interested please send cover letter and resume in word or PDF format by May 30th, 2016 to:
Email: leisure.volunteer@cmha.bc.ca. Qualified applicants will be short listed and contacted for interviews.

Duration of the position: 6 month contract
Pay and Hours: $13.00 per hour at 5 hours per week maximum of 20 hours

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