Webinar: The Hearing Voices Movement


Webinar: The Hearing Voices Movement–Learn About this New Approach from the BC Network

This webinar was organized by PSR BC (Psychosocial Rehabilitation BC)

From the BC Hearing Voices Network website: 
What is the Hearing Voices Network?

The Hearing Voices Movement was begun by Dr. Marius Romme, a professor of social psychiatry, science journalist Dr. Sandra Escher and voice-hearer Patsy Hage in 1987 – after Hage challenged Romme about why he couldn’t accept the reality of her voice hearing experience. As voice hearer Ron Coleman has said, if someone is hearing voices, something real is happening.

The movement challenges conventional wisdom in other ways also, viewing hearing voices as a normal variation of human experience with some voice hearers valuing the experience as opposed to seeing it as something to be eradicated.

The International Hearing Voices Network began in 1988 with the support of Romme and has since expanded to countries including England, Wales, Scotland, Switzerland, Sweden, Austria, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Japan, Israel, New Zealand, Australia and Canada. Hearing Voices Groups support people in learning ways to live well with their experiences, share strategies, make connections, and know that they are not alone.

The reputation of the Hearing Voices Network is growing as the limitations of a solely medical approach to voices become better known.

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