Wellness Art and Photography Contest

Announcing the Winner!

“I think this photo competition is a great idea – it serves as a forum to bring out the passion and the heart-felt concepts kept hidden & repressed in the shadows.”

First Place: Hugh (Receives $100 in Gift Cards to DeSerres)

Photo-contest-winner“This picture symbolizes the need for leadership in bringing people from the darkness of sickness to the light of wellness. The position of each person in the line of people depicted does not imply that some are more advanced (on the road to wellness) than the others. Each person is to be accepted as he/she is at this very moment, at this place, in a non-judgmental manner. The picture can refer, analogously, to a maxim followed in military history, that the leader (Pope, general, etc.) need to lead from the front. As a bibliography for these brief statements, you can Google “Bright light and wellness.” – Hugh

Runners Up (Caer and Karen – tied for 2nd place)

Entry 5

Cup with raindrops

Receives metal VCH travel mug and a movie pass donated by Doris Peters.

Whether I choose to see my cup as half full or half empty is entirely up to me. My wellness is dependent on my perspective and my attitude. I understand that it’s in my hands. And feeling well, I can even choose to see and accept that that cup, my quandary about how to look at my life, is in itself a beautiful and natural thing as well. – Caer







Entry 26
Dog looking kindlyKaren
Receives metal VCH water bottle and a movie pass donated by Doris Peters.

“Wellness is not just a concept, but a way of life” These eyes love me unconditionally. They are expressive beyond words. They belong to my dog “Fin” matched equally by his big heart. He makes me have fun, go outside, play and not take myself so seriously by putting former beliefs into perspective. I used to think to have fun meant it was to be deserved, I would have to earn it to be worthy. He starts each day fresh, uncomplicated, without an agenda, no regrets of things perfectly complete the day before. He allows me wellness by living him, I love myself. He forgives my mistakes when I dwell on them instead of moving forward with positive energy. I easily appreciate the good in others, now I can see I too have something to give as well. – Karen

Other Submissions from the Contest:


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