WORKSHOPS : BRIDGES, Footsteps and support groups

Building Recovery of Individual Dreams and Goals through   Education and   Support

This ten week self help peer led program helps you gain knowledge and skills to empower your journey to recovery from mental illness.
It offers education and support to people with lived experience and is based on the belief that those of us living with a mental illness can recover.
Subjects include mental illness, psychiatric diagnoses, best practices in mental health treatment, and self-help skills for recovery.
For more info about BRIDGES please call:604-708- 5274 Or visit:
 “BRIDGES helps us get from where we are to where we want to be”



BRIDGES FOOTSTEPS is a 5-session course with 1 ½ hour classes.  Individual sessions can also be offered as stand-alone workshops.  Students can join or leave at any point because each lesson is self-contained.  Students who participate in the entire 5 sessions receive a graduation certificate at the completion of the course.  Course topics include:
            Workshop 1: Recovery and Support
Emotional Stages of Recovery, Circle of Support, Principles of Support

Workshop 2: Psychiatric Diagnoses
What do they mean? What is a symptom?  How to talk about them to your mental health care provider

Workshop 3: Anxiety Disorders, obsessive Compulsive Disorder, PTSD, and Personality Disorders
(Crisis Planning)  What did you need, who could have helped you, what could they have done that would have helped things go better?
             Emergency Contacts, Early Warning Signs, Advanced directive for mental health treatment

Workshop 4: Mental Health Treatment and Medications
Medications to stabilize moods, Medications for   psychosis, How medications work for psychosis,medications

Workshop 5: Mental Health Services and Advocacy (Treatment Team, Patients’ Rights)
Mental Health teams.  The role of case managers, psychiatrists, nurses, therapist, and psychosocial rehabilitation
            Getting results from the mental health systems tips for success, approaches that work
            Consumer Rights.  Rights to treatment, rights to refuse treatment, rights to communicate, rights to confidentiality,


BRIDGES Support Group:
Every 2nd Sunday of the Month at Kettle Friendship Society
1725  Venables   near Commercial Drive

from  1 to 3 pm

June 14, July 12, Aug 9, Sept 13, Oct 11, Nov 8, Dec 13,  2015

This is an ongoing support group open to anyone who has a diagnosis of mental illness whether or not they have graduated from the BRIDGES or Footsteps course as well as supporters, family members or anyone interested in mental health recovery.

 BRIDGES Support Groups use the Principles of Support, Emotional Stages of Recovery, the POW Problem Management Method, and other coping skills from the BRIDGES course.
A BRIDGES support group is a place where…

People learn they are not alone,
Hope is shared
Information is given
Emotional support is given and received
Insight into mental illness and sharing the knowledge and skills that help us progress in our recovery happens

Call 604 682 3269  extension 7856 to leave a message. 

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