Wellness Recovery Action Planning (WRAP)

All in person groups are on hold while we move workshops online.


WRAP is about increasing self awareness, going through the process of recovery in relation to one’s own experience of mental illness, addiction and trauma and realizing hope and recovery are possible! It was created by Dr. Mary Ellen Copeland and is facilitated by trained peers. It is also available in Chinese and for VCH staff!

The learning process

Participants are encouraged to reflect on themselves, what they are like when they are well, and identify triggers and develop wellness strategies to improve their well-being.

Integrating WRAP in daily living

By using the WRAP plan every day, people following the daily maintenance plan they developed will be able to recover and stay well!  They can use the learning of WRAP to self monitor their health, create a crisis plan of what they want to happen when they are not well, which they can share with their case manager, doctor or other health care professional.

Topics  include:

  • Wellness Tools: Ways we can stay well
  • Daily Maintenance Planning: Things we need to do to keep ourselves well
  • Triggers: Events that makes us feel worse
  • Crisis Planning: A plan to take care of ourselves

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support_groupsWorking Our WRAP (WOW!) Support Group

The WOW! support group is a place to explore self-help tools and resources for keeping well!

WOW! is a supportive environment where people who have taken a WRAP workshop can meet new people and find support with other WRAP participants.

Participants can change or complete their personal WRAP plan with extra help from trained facilitators in the support group.

Second Saturday of each month.

For info on current workshops click here!

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