Peer Work Network

The Peer Work Network (PWN) is an initiative sponsored by the Consumer Involvement and Initiatives Program of Vancouver Coastal Health to bring together peer workers to share and discuss their programs, experiences, skills, and ideas related to their peer work.

Purpose of Peer Work Network

The PWN is a space for peer workers to:

  • build community and connections
  • share, support and encourage each other
  • discuss developments in the world of peer work

Participation is open to all peer workers (folks using lived/living experience of mental health/substance use challenges in their work).

Contact Information for the Zoom link

Every third Wednesday
1:30-3:00 PM
On Zoom

Next meeting:
Wednesday Aug 16, 2023

Our 2nd Member Showcase – with presentations by Andrea and Graham

We hope you’ll join us!


A list of resources that may be of interest to peer workers. Please use the form below to submit resource suggestions. A peer facilitator will add resources to the list.

Resource List:

Peer Work Network Resource List

Resource Submission Form:

Peer Work Network Resources

About the PWN logo
Artist’s statement – “The individual elements: The 3 human figures, the globe, and the heart combine to portray what I feel is the core of peer work: community and mutual support. I used the traditional VCH branding colours, but applied them as a gradient to give it a fresh/updated look.” – Joy Gyami

Peer Work Network Logo

PWN “Membership Showcase” and/or “Recovery Stories”

A very strong part of this Peer Work Network will be hearing from fellow members about their recovery stories and showcasing their work. The next Showcase on August 16th will feature PWN members, their projects, and recovery stories. If you are interested in participating in this series please send an email to subject “my story.”